Five tips to fight a post New Year’s Eve Hangover

Five tips to fight a post New Year's Eve Hangover

Was that you?

It's that time of the year in which everything is permitted, we let our-self go fully into madness and so, last night you exaggerated with the festivities, or you drank too much to impress that person you like, and the result now is that he (or she) continues to ignore you, but you have that feeling as something heavy is standing and circling on top of your your head and something is happening to your stomach, pushing you into repeated runs to the toilet.

I know it's not pleasant. But how do you eliminate the annoying symptoms of "hangover"?

The remedies are varied, often discordant, but the experience of many and some basic medical knowledge can help you stay a little better. (I’m sorry, but to completely eliminate all the hassles you can only go back in time and do not drink that much). 

So here are 5 tips for a fast recovery.

1) Drink, drink a lot (of water)
Alcohol is a powerful diuretic, you will have noticed it. In addition, if you have rejected your deepest thoughts from your stomach, you have also lost a lot of water and minerals. Drinking a lot of water the next day is very important, especially if slightly sparkling and in any case, room temperature, better still if sweetened or enriched with mineral salts: the ideal would be the typical healthy drinks of sportsmen, the energetic ones. Alternatively you can try lemonade, or an infusion of warm water and lemon peel (the somewhere called canary): this will also help you throw out any residuals, if you still have any. It seems that in addition, drinking a nice cup of milk is just as useful to protect the walls of the stomach and give you some relief. Probably your stomach will rebel, but rest assured, today you will rebel against anything.

2) Help the body to absorb alcohol 
I imagine (from personal experience) that you are not hungry. Indeed, the idea of ​​eating makes you feel even worse. But eating in this case is very useful, because the intake of food, especially starches and carbohydrates (potatoes and pasta), and bananas, which compensate for the loss of potassium, help the body to absorb and split the molecules of alcohol. And many (perhaps the bravest) swear to have had relief from hangover by eating a full healthy meal, whether this is a nice stuffed sandwich or a hot hen broth.

3)Have some sleep
Whatever you planned to do, forget it. If possible take a day off or sick, because sleeping in this case will only do you good. You will also sleep for 12/13 hours, but surely you will feel a little better when waking up (last time I slept for 10 hours and I thought they were 24).

4)Try to sweat
Eliminating toxins and evaporating alcohol sweating is a good idea, just maybe you do not want to go out jogging in the park leaning every 4 meters to a different tree. Or maybe you have already followed point 3 and you are in the dream world. Then maybe a very hot bath will help you, even before getting back to bed. Just try to avoid joining point 3 with the hot bath.

5)Take an aspirin or painkiller if your head is about to explode
Warning: personally I do not recommend taking medicines, simply because with the stomach and the body already in rebellion, perhaps taking aspirin is not exactly the best. But if you really have to go to work, or if you can not stand the headache that is tormenting you, take an aspirin or a painkiller and let it calm down your symptoms.

I wish you good luck and reassure by telling you that you are not the only one: maybe at this very same moment millions of people are in your same situation, slaves of the annoyances of the day after New Years Celebrations.

Let me know in the comments below.

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As always, thanks for popping in and see you soon.

Tito Rabat
Tito Rabat

Apart for being a busy IT executive, Tito has a passion for cooking for friends and family and is a first class wines connoisseur.

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9 Responses

  1. Party time, celebrations time, toast time. And of excruciating headaches, sub-zero energies, nausea. So we start a new year with a massive “hangover”, and then we fill guilty and think of a “Resolution”..!

  2. When I drink I do not do it to get drunk: being a bit tipsy and feeling “light” it’s OK, but feeling bad and not being able to fully enjoy the evening is not really for me. I drink often and I try to stay well below the threshold of “Non Return”, just for the taste of the drink and the pleasure of a chat with friends.

  3. I adopt an extremely effective one.
    When I get home after a hangover before sleep I drink a bottle of sparkling water (so to prevent trowing up) after which I collapse in the bed.
    The next day there is no sign of a headache because you gave the body all the water it needed to dilute the alcohol.
    Do not even feel dizzy or anything like that.
    Try the result is guaranteed.
    In case you are too full to drink a liter of water then before going to sleep make sure you have a full bottle next to your bed, so you can sip it at night.
    The result is the same, only that you will have the discontinuous sleep because you will wake up every hour with that ugly thirst.
    But then your bottle of water will intervene: wink:
    Sorry, I am drunk right now, hope I explained that right. Happy new year wveryone.

  4. On Fridays and Saturdays I often do drink out with friends. When I overdo is because I drunk hard liquor and when the third glass is making me effect it’s already too late because I’ve still drunk a couple at least.

  5. today I’m willing to try all the remedies …
    anyone has some secret recipe to get me to 6pm ???
    it is not valid to say … go home to sleep

  6. Do not trust those who tell you that to fight a hangover you have to take in some alcohol the next morning. It will only serve to make you feel even worse. If someone recommends this solution, ignore it completely!

  7. OMG I should have read this 12 hours ago. Anyway, saved in my bookmarks for later use. Really useful stuff.

  8. One good rules is: No coffee. In movies, hangovers usually drink liters of coffee. Error! Coffee, like alcohol, has a dehydrating effect, so avoid it absolutely.

    1. Interesting, on my days, when I had the luxury of going out at night and party with my fellow coworkers and friends and get a bit smacked, the next day coffee was the first thing on my list.

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