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How to continue training in the gym after an injury

One of the most frustrating things for any gym freak is when they have to take rest after an injury. We realize that you are frustrated and want to back to the gym as soon as possible but there are certain protocols that must be followed in such cases.

How to continue training in the gym after an injury

A general rule of thumb is that the total time needed to return to your normal gym routine is equal to the time that you spent on the break because of that injury. For example, if you were out of the gym for two weeks because of any injury it will take you two weeks to return back to your regular gym routine. However, the first and most important thing is to make sure that you get permission from your doctor or physiotherapist to return to the gym. 

Once you have been granted permission by your physiotherapist and doctor to return to the gym there is no time to waste. Get back to the gym and start training but make sure that you don’t over exert yourself. You have to start slow and in this case, your trainer is the best person that you can consult. As stated earlier in the article the time required to reach the normal level of training is equal to the time that you were out of the gym.

One of the main things to keep in mind is that after the break your body will be well rested. This will give you the ability to perform well on your first day back to the gym but be aware of this and don’t fall in this trap. Just because your body is well rested doesn’t mean that it is back to normal. If you overexert yourself on the first day you won’t be able to give even an average performance the day after that. 

But the worst part is that if you exert on the very first day there is a lot of chance that your injury will be back. And this time it will be worse than before. You need to realize the fact that your body needs time to adjust. This is probably the same advice that your trainer in the gym will give after you return after an injury. Start slow and gradually move towards your general workout routine. In this way, you will make sure that you are not hurting yourself even more while trying to overcome already injured body. 

We understand how important rigorous working out is for regular gym goers and fitness freaks. The frustration you feel because of not being able to work out in the gym is also understandable. But when you are returning to training after any injury makes sure that you don’t overdo yourself. Embrace the fact that you no longer can follow the same routine that you did before the journey without hurting yourself. The road to recovery is a slow and steady process and you have to embrace it as it is.

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Sarah O'Connor

Sarah O'Connor

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  1. Always take it easy, after getting a few injuries myself my coach always remind me to take it easy as there is absolutely no need to rush and get more injuries, best advice I could get at the gym.

  2. Cross-Training is one of the best for most fitness junkies o lower the injuries as they will be able to keep all the muscles instead of a single set of muscle occupied, lessen the injuries they face, if any at all.

  3. Many times I would encourage my injured patients to try and aerobics if they still need to keep moving to keep their bodies in shape while they are in a recovery position from any injury which wont limit their mobility. Many of them find it became easier to return to normal gym routine faster without further damage.

  4. I have seen many such cases of gym freak injuries especially in the shoulder areas, and occasionally when they are told to rest and they don’t it leaves them in a more miserable state of either a long rest period due to operations, or been unable to return to a regular gym life.

  5. Fitness freaks injuries have increased drastically over the last 7 years due to the rise in resistance training without proper guide as to how the equipment should be used and then believing in following the same routine they had prior to the injuries.

  6. They need to remember that while you’re resting the muscles are longer used to the strain you once put it through therefore, when you return it’s similar to a beginner, you have to take it slowly and gradually build again.

  7. I have seen junkies approach the gym after an injury which made them worst as they over exerted themselves, although I instruct them not. Some of them are just simply addicted to the notion of “more muscles”.

  8. I had a wrist injury that I did not take serious, after visiting my doctor I found out I had torn about 2/3 tendon in my wrist( nothing serious, just some exercise pain medication and adequate rest). It was my right wrist and was told to cease working out for the allotted resting period but due to my stubbornness as soon as the pain and stiffness went away I return to gym and caused further damage which required operation. Worst thing I could do to myself.

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