Not only women go through menopause!

Not only women go through menopause

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What can be done against the decrease in efficiency during climacteric?

Until now the concept of “climacteric” referred to the hormonal passage in the third and last cycle of the woman’s life. Recently, however, women have found serious competitors: in the jargon of specialists there is talk of “andropause” or “virile climacteric” to refer to the male equivalent of menopause. In man, the production of testosterone, the male sex hormone, gradually decreases from 30 years of age, with a process that accelerates from 40 years upwards, sometimes a little later.

Can that happen to men?

Unlike what happens in women, in man, this hormonal decreases happens much slower, it almost always lasts several years. For this reason, the problems of the climacteric can occur in man in very different moments of life: in some cases already in middle age, in others only in old age. The typical symptoms with which man has to deal since middle age are rather annoying: loss of energy and motivation, tiredness, sweating, decreased libido, impotence and depressions.

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Is ginseng able to improve well-being?

Clinical studies have shown that ginseng acts directly as a hormonal regulator. It is therefore a phytohormone. The effectiveness of ginseng is due to its main active constituents, ginsenosides. If the situation is not serious or if you prefer “sweet solutions”, natural products such as ginseng can significantly improve well-being in the climacteric years. In Asia, ginseng is a very popular medicinal plant with an ancient tradition.

Benefits of Ginseng

It belongs to the group of vegetable toners and geriatrics, which contribute to a generalized improvement in performance and which counteract premature aging processes. Consequently, ginseng is a tonic and not an aphrodisiac in the strict sense, although it is present in many formulas intended to tone up sexual life. Finally, ginseng increases the ability to cope with stress of any type and is therefore also considered an adaptogen, that is, a substance that improves adaptation to stress.

In conclusion

Having to face a demanding period, we recommend taking it for several months.

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    1. Agree with the fact of sedentary life and I would also add to those who do not do any sport or are overweight

          1. The male hormone also directly influences metabolic, cardiovascular, locomotor, psychic, behavioral and social dynamics.

                1. I was just reading from an information leaflet that among the detectable symptoms we also find irritability, a natural decline in cognitive functions, albeit slight, and brittle bones.

                2. The symptoms caused by the reduction of testosterone are not only related to the sexual sphere, often concern the whole organism.

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