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Hours and hours in front of computers and smartphones, research on books, uninterrupted viewing of the television programs that we like the most, straining our eyes under this conditions are the most common actions that lead our eyes to tire considerably. 

But, in spite of the most pessimistic and listless, there are small tricks that can allow us to alleviate this disorder.

We can define visual fatigue as a negative functional alteration, of a reversible nature, due to excessive strain of the visual apparatus.
First and most important recommendation: make an eye examination to avoid the presence of a real illness.

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Keep in strong consideration that the lighting of the place where you read or work with the PC is really important, because in a situation of low light the eyes get tired with much more ease.

If you are used to stay many hours in front of the PC, it would be ideal to use protective glasses with a filter that helps prevent fatigue and protects the eyes from the PC like sunglasses do with direct sunlight.

Resting eyes and body will undoubtedly benefit the eyes, the mind and the muscles. If you work eight hours in front of the PC, you need to stop about every two hours, in order to safeguard the health of your eyes and at the same time not lower your work performance.

If possible, do not always read on the computer. The documents that can be printed, better read them on paper.

Pay attention to the PC screen. It is important that it is placed under the eye line and cleaned regularly.

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Close your eyes regularly. It is advisable to alternate this with ocular gymnastics, necessary to train our eyes as much as we do in the gym for the rest of our body muscles.

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  1. TV screens do not damage the eyes, but can fatigue them. The sense of eye fatigue (asthenopia) derives from the fact that one remains focused too long on an image that does not present variations in depth.

    1. It is necessary to maintain an adequate distance from the screen and, as far as children are concerned, it is advisable not to exceed two hours of TV during the day.

        1. Many people only talk about their eyes while in addition to feeling tired, prolonged use of the monitor can lead to the appearance of burning, redness, watery eyes or dry eyes, photophobia, transient visual cloudiness, headache, neck and back pain.

          1. To significantly reduce eye discomfort, in general, it is possible to correct the optical defect with lenses (if eye fatigue depends on refractive problems) and perform orthoptic re-education exercises (when the problem has a muscular origin).

            1. Moreover, those who spend many hours a day in front of the computer must take into consideration the right working distance, correct their posture, take frequent breaks and adjust the brightness level of the screen.

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