Age and Memory Loss

everyone suffers from a few forgetful moments

Forgetting things is not an uncommon issue, everyone suffers from a few forgetful moments such as unable to recall where they have left the keys or forgetting someone’s name. 

What can be done to minimize these symptoms?

This type of forgetfulness is not something to worry about and it happens to almost everyone regardless of their age. But there are certain memory-related problems due to aging which also affect one’s thinking abilities. However, there is a major difference between memory loss due to some disorder or Alzheimer’s disease and normal changes in memory that come with age. If you are facing a reoccurring memory loss problem, you should consult a doctor immediately. 

Old-age and Memory Loss Problem

Normally age-related memory loss problems do not prevent you from living a productive life. You may occasionally forget someone’s name or birthday of which you may be able to remember the next day. These changes usually do not disrupt your ability to function in a social setting, work or manage your life independently. But if you are concerned about such conditions there are some techniques to prevent memory loss when you advance in your aging. Let’s see some together.

Exercising helps in increasing the flow of blood to the whole body including your brain. It helps in keeping your mind sharp, as recommended by the Department of Health and Human Services 150 minutes of aerobic activity weekly is necessary for the human body in order to maintain perfect health. These aerobic activities may be jogging, brisk walk, running, Pilates or yoga. Even 10 minutes’ walk daily will be enough if you can’t manage more than that due to your busy work schedule.

As much as physical activity is necessary to maintain good physical health, mental stimulation also plays an equally important role in keeping your mind sharp and keeping memory related problems away. Mental stimulation can be provided by challenging for mental faculties through learning something new, solving puzzles, taking new routes while driving, it can be anything that challenges your limits.

Stress and depression are two important factors in causing memory loss. Therefore, human interaction helps in warding off these factors. Try especially spending time with your loved ones and friends. Time to socializing is necessary even more if you live alone.

If you think you have a tendency of forgetting things, you should start being more organized, declutter your home and workspace and start noting things down. Keep a journal, plan the day, write down important events. Keep a to-do list and keep checking off the items on that list once they are done.

Make getting eight hours of sleep a day a priority. Sleep helps in consolidating your memories and dump unnecessary information, so it is vital that you rest properly.

Maintain a healthy diet helps your brain in processing things quicker. Even some food such as almond, beans, fish etc. help in keeping the mind sharp. On the other hand, too much tea, coffee, and alcohol lead to memory loss so can the drugs.

It is beneficial for you to take care of your health and manage your chronic conditions by following the treatment recommendation of the doctor. There are medicines which if used for a long term could cause memory loss and in such case you should always consult with your doctor and ask him to prescribe you some alternative.

This concludes our article for today, we hope that you will find this useful, please remember to always consult your doctor if you feel that your memory is giving up on you.

Franco Nero
Franco Nero

Franco defines itself as a person trapped in a sedentary lifestyle, however, he is an avid fitness "addict" and like, many more in his environment spends vast parts of his leisure time on a gym, running, cycling.

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  1. In medical school I remember my lecturer telling us that one of the best remedies for memory loss is exercising and brain stimulation especial for the early onset of Alzheimer patients. It has stuck with me for years in my practice in helping such persons.

  2. “A healthy diet gives a healthy mind” my Gran would always say this phrase when I would show my hatred for beans at an early age and later throughout life, but now I must say I do love them greatly and her words were as wise as her age. I’m now on the road for a healthy diet and good memory retention like me Gran.

  3. Socialization is one of the best menu for brain stimulation, especially outdoor games. They are way more fun as a group and they get the body moving. I always recommend to my patients to join a group after or before sixty and plan various adventures they can do together to stimulate their brains and bodies and keep a healthy mind.

  4. To increase brain functions and health is simple as keeping a healthy diet, my nutritionist recommend that I increase intake of simple fruits like blueberries, Wild Salmon, beans avocados even flax seeds on my menu as I get older and study more. They not only look after your body but your brain as well, I have seen improvements in my study on my examination results, even with an active lifestyle I get from playing with my grandchildren and preschoolers.

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