Yoga To Improve Lower Back Pain

Yoga can help your Lumbar back pain

The lower back area, also known as the lumbar area, is most often a problem zone for most of the people.

Although the causes of lower back pains might be numerous, a good stretch, good posture, and spine flexibility will always help improve it or prevent lower back pain from happening in the near future. This does not mean one should not focus on determining the cause of lower back pain. The first priority should always be determining the cause, but it’s just that Yoga exercises not only cure many problems but also make your body more active, stretchable and leave you refreshed.

Here are a few Yoga stretches that will help you develop spine strength and improve your lower back pain.

This stretch should be done for 1-3 minutes. It takes off the weight off your spine and helps it relax a bit by elongating it.

Kneel on your mat making sure your knees are hip-width apart. Take a deep breath and as you exhale, try to rest your torso over your thighs. Elongate your neck and spine and rest your head on the floor with your arms extended out in front of you. Continue this for 1-3 minutes.

With these poses, you are able to stretch your hips and the entire spine.

Get on your fours, inhale and lift your chest and tail bone towards the ceiling. As you exhale, arch your back, press through your shoulder blades and drop your head. Continue doing this 6-8 times and focus on your breathing pattern.

This one needs to be done for typically 1-3 minutes. It is a great pose for lengthening and strengthening your spine. It helps cure many lower back problems as well as to provide a good stretch to your hamstrings. 

Start with the child pose, keep your hands on the floor and sit up on your knees. Lift your butt and press back into Downward facing dog position. Straighten your legs and try lowering your heels to the ground, with your head resting between your legs and eyes pointed to your belly button, through your legs.

A twist to the spine helps de-stress the entire spine and neck and relieves a lot of tension. 

For this twist, you lay straight on the floor with your arms stretched out to your sides in a T manner. With your shoulders on the floor and neck straight, bring both your knees to your left shoulder and lower both knees to the ground but as close to the shoulder as possible. Repeat with the opposite side and hold on as long as you can between 1-3 minutes.

This is a relatively simple exercise. It adds the benefits of a massage to a very simple exercise by rocking movement. 

Lie straight on your back and hug your knees into your chest as closely as possible. Rock your torso back and forth gradually while holding your legs firmly. Continue for 1-4 minutes.

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Sarah O'Connor

Sarah O'Connor

Sarah is part of the Team ELC and she helps people discover what makes their life happy, meaningful, and full of ease. She is a writer, meditator and loves painting, an art she happily gets to practice a lot in her spare time.

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  1. As I got older I struggled with back pain and would usually self diagnose, but after taking various over the counter pain medications I decided to visit a Chiropractor. After my first two sessions he showed an old gal some simple yoga poses including the child pose and I must admit it worked wonders for my spinal cord, I have been moving better than before my retirement.

    1. I remember my first time doing the downward dog pose, as a man this is no simple feat, it was rather difficult for me but after weeks of practice and the great improvement in my back health, golf has never been more enjoyable.

  2. 3. The supine twist and slow rock knee to chest are simply magnificence after a complete circuit you feel simply wonderful and energized. I love these two compared to the downward facing dog. Another addiction could be the “Happy Baby pose” this is so simple and wonderful to do while stretching your spinal cord and relaxing your body.

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