melatonin can be a used as an anti aging agent

To say that melatonin is not widely known is perhaps a mistake, it would probably be more correct to say that melatonin is not commonly used as many other supplements.

As with various things, over the years melatonin has attracted more and more interest from many scientists and the mass media have emphasized it abundantly, sometimes even supplying information that is certainly not free of errors.

Melatonin is a substance secreted by the Pineal gland which in-depth studies have shown to have relevant effects for the extended lifespan of human life by acting as a regulator of the circadian rhythm, as a restorer of youth hormonal rhythms and above all as a powerful cellular antioxidant.

The Pineal gland (epiphysis) is about the size of a nut and is located in the exact center of the brain. 

Many experts agree that melatonin cannot be considered a hormone in the classical sense of the term even though it is secreted by a gland.

In fact it is also synthesized in the body by other organs and not only by the pineal; if the pineal is removed, circulating melatonin does not disappear as instead happens when the endocrine glands are removed, (pituitary, thyroid, adrenal, gonads); there is no release factor for melatonin as it occurs with all classical hormones; if administered in huge doses of grams a day orally it did not cause any side effects, unlike any other hormone.

Not only that, the prolonged administration of melatonin does not induce atrophy of the Pineal; in fact the inhibition of the synthesis after oral administration does not seem to depend, as for classical hormones, on the inhibition of the synthesis of trophic factors, but on a simple retroactive inhibition produced by melatonin itself.

If external melatonin is administered, the enzymes of the human organism are not activated to produce it, simply instead the gland rests. When the administration of melatonin ceases, the endogenous production of the Pineal resumes as before, indeed it is even better than before. 

This basically means that you can take melatonin even for many months without side effects. When the Pineal gland ages on it calcifications are formed and it is no longer able to produce melatonin in the right amount, without circulating melatonin the body undergoes a sudden aging.

A regular intake of melatonin puts the Pineal “at rest”, preserving it from aging. In addition, the Pineal can not produce melatonin even in the case of intense work cycles, stress, night shifts, and more situations very common in modern society.

Antioxidant action

From LifeExtension I read that melatonin is able to produce a strong antioxidant action by acting as a scavenger (seek and destroy) on hydroxyl and peroxyl radicals while also enhancing and synergizing the action of other antioxidants like vit. C, Zinc and Selenium. It also acts as a DNA protector by inhibiting the peroxynitrite free radical reactions.

For more informations on benefits and or side-effects check out this article:

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Julian Buchholz
Julian Buchholz

Julian Buchholz is a 24-year-old gym assistant who enjoys worship, donating blood and hockey. He has a degree in sports science. He is patient and dedicated, but can also be very stubborn and is obsessed with...well...sure..."fitness".

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4 Responses

  1. Melatonin to me is a wonderful hormone produced by the body. It aids in sleeping, which I need the most lately, and the fact that synthetic won’t affect its natural production is even better.

    1. This is one magical hormone, as it is not only produced in one place. Reading this blog made me realize that I will need to rest my glands and use the synthetic occasionally to slow down my aging rate. It may not be considered as a hormone, but if it affects aging I lobby for it to be placed in the hormone collection.

      1. My grandfather no longer produces melatonin, as the doctor said, and I am really happy that the continuous intake of the synthetic won’t affect his health. Thank you for this wonderful information.

  2. The beauty of Melatonin acting as an antixodiant is the way it acts as a scavenger, then the way it enhances and synergizing and being a DNA protector. This is one super power hormone that body produces.

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