Back pain: good habits and exercises

remedies for back pain

The back is one of the most sensitive areas of our body and exercising is a great way to prevent the appearance of back pain which is common among humans.

Just think of how widespread pain and problems in this part of the body are in people of all sexes and of all ages. All of us in fact at least once in life we find ourselves suffering from back pain and this is because its causes are so many that sooner or later for one reason or another you find yourself in bed with your back blocked.

First let’s see how to prevent back pain

Among all the ways to avoid back pain, in addition to paying attention to your posture, avoid lifting excessive loads and in any case raise the weights correctly, the best way is to no doubt that of doing sports to strengthen the muscles of the back.
 There are no activities particularly indicated, in principle any aerobic activity involves the involvement of the back muscles, which is why it is enough to choose the one that suits your training level and your tastes.
The ideal would be to associate this activity with anaerobic exercises to tone and strengthen the back muscles. Everything is always naturally followed by stretching exercises for the back that can help loosen and relax the muscles. And it is precisely on this kind of exercises that it must concentrate those who do not have the time or the desire to perform the complete path of exercises for the back muscles. Those who perform particularly stressful works or even particularly sedentary jobs in fact, in the long run, risk of suffering from back pain, which is why it would be a good habit to perform exercises at the beginning or end of the day.

Exercises suggested for back pain

In most cases the back pain could be avoided simply with a little ‘prevention, or learning to feel your body and to respect it, which means, try to avoid a whole series of behaviors, unfortunately very common that are all origin of back pain, such as:
  1. standing up with uncomfortable shoes
  2. sit up without proper support
  3. assume wrong postures
  4. sleep on unsuitable mattresses
However, it should not be thought that because the back is such an important part of our body long and complicated practices are necessary to strengthen the muscles. On the contrary, a few simple exercises, which have nothing to do with lifting weights or other strenuous and complex exercises, but they are simple and relaxing  stretching exercises, are sufficient to strengthen the back muscles and can be performed in complete peace and security even from home. This can be done either early morning or before going to bed it will only take up to ten or twenty minutes a day.
One of the simplest back pain exercises is to sit on a chair with legs apart, from this position flex your back forwards by letting your arms dangle to the side of the calves. After holding the position for a few seconds lift again the back. During the execution it is important to pay attention to breathing by breathing out when you bend your torso and inhaling when lifting, repeat the exercise for a minimum of five times.
back pain at the gym
Here is An exercise can be carried out lying on the ground with your back on the floor: from this position bend your knees, and exhaling bring them to the chest keeping your knees with your hands, after holding the position for a few seconds slowly rest the legs on the ground, inhaling, and repeat the exercise. Another exercise indicated to prevent back pain is to sit on the ground on your knees in order to rest the buttocks on the heels, from this position bend the torso forward also stretching the arms in order to completely dissolve the spine and after having kept the position for 10-15 seconds, raise the torso and arms and repeat the exercise. In conclusion To avoid pain, which can become more frequent and acute as you progress with age, it would be a good habit to dedicate at least 10 minutes a day to the practice of back pain exercises.

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Sarah O'Connor

Sarah O'Connor

Sarah is part of the Team ELC and she helps people discover what makes their life happy, meaningful, and full of ease. She is a writer, meditator and loves painting, an art she happily gets to practice a lot in her spare time.

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5 Responses

  1. It’s been a few days since I’ve had a bit of back pain … Regardless of the fact that I’ll investigate the causes, if it should continue … I wanted to ask …
    Which is the most recommended sport to strengthen the back, and reduce the possibility of onset of kyphosis / lordosis / Scoliosis?
    From what I knew I should be swimming, but I also wanted your opinion, thanks …: E

    I confirm swimming. the back in particular I have heard that it is particularly beneficial.

  2. Swimming can do you good, practiced regularly, but the best thing would be to do postural gymnastics in some sports center / gym.
    Meanwhile you can try at home with Pilates, there are videos on the net with the exercises ….also here in this website you can find a good beginners start training course at this page and it is free

    1. In the past I did 5 years of swimming and 4 of the gym … between the gym and swimming, surely swimming gave me more feeling of having made the back work harmoniously , compared to the gym …

      I’ll take a look at the pilates, which frankly I do not know … 🙂

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