Constipation, what to do?

The cause of constipation is rarely a pathology

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What causes it? 

The cause of constipation is rarely a pathology. In most cases this problem is due to insufficient fluid intake, poor diet, lack of motion and stress. Once the intestine, over the course of months or years, has become accustomed to an unfavorable lifestyle, it takes time for it to regain its rhythms. However, this is not a sufficient reason to immediately resort to laxatives. Often, to reactivate intestinal motility, it is enough to change the type of diet and do some exercise regularly.


Here are some useful tips to effectively fight constipation:

By switching to a diet rich in fiber, it may happen that you experience a feeling of swelling or fullness more frequently. Nothing to worry about though: the body needs 1-2 weeks to get used to. Sometimes it may even take a little longer.

How to properly treat cases of acute constipation

In cases of occasional acute constipation, if the aforementioned measures are not sufficient to provide relief and swelling substances, enemas and synthetic products do not represent the best solution to the problem, natural laxatives based on senna extracts can be particularly effective, as well as pleasant to take.

The effectiveness of senna has been known and appreciated for millennia (since the times of the ancient Egyptians!). The active ingredients present in the fruits and leaves of this plant trigger and stimulate peristalsis in a natural way, facilitating intestinal emptying thanks also to the greater softness of the stool. Furthermore, senna has excellent tolerance. In any case, intaking should be limited to a few days. In case of chronic constipation, you should contact your doctor or trusted nutritionist / pharmacist.

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    1. If it is a problem of motility, one can resort to the intake of insoluble fibers, osmotic laxatives or drugs capable of acting on motility.

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