Tasty infusions for pleasant relaxation

A method that allows you to relax and sleep better

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What is it

A method that allows you to relax and sleep better

Our well-being largely depends on the moments of relaxation that we are able to grant ourselves during the day and on the quality of sleep. Unfortunately, stress has now become an integral part of our life, with its set of harmful follow-ups that can manifest themselves in various ways, mostly with nervousness, anxiety, agitation, gastric, heart or sleep disorders.

Sleep disturbances, which are particularly common in women and the elderly, can even cause long-term mental problems.

When sleep is desired, there is no use waiting for it. It is preferable to get up and, if possible, go out into the fresh air or try to relax with the help of a good book. It is also very important to limit the consumption of coffee, black tea and cigarettes, especially in the second part of the day.


Personally, I recommend infusions based on medicinal plants containing calming and sedative active ingredients. These plants include, among other things, valerian root, oats, hops, lavender, lemon balm, passion flower and orange blossom.

If you have trouble falling asleep and are troubled by negative thoughts, choose valerian. If you are one of the people who are tired during the day and agitated at night, oats and hops will help you to normalize your rhythms and regain restful sleep.

In case of nervousness and tension, cause of gastric disturbances and heart problems, lavender and lemon balm will allow you to recover the much desired tranquility. Passionflower will calm the agitation with the resulting annoyances, giving you a feeling of peace and serenity. As for orange blossoms, they are especially appreciated by children for their pleasant taste and mild sedative effect.

At your choice, you can use a single plant, a mixture or a ready-made herbal tea in sachets. These different possibilities are equivalent.
You can indulge in the pleasure of this ritual up to a maximum of 5 times a day, the last of which is about half an hour before going to bed.
Prolonged use of herbal teas does not cause any problems; however, if there is no improvement, do not hesitate to ask your doctor for advice.

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    1. Chamomile makes me sick just to smell it because my mother used to give it to me every time I was nauseous

      1. If you want you can try the Melissa. Perfect for fighting states of anxiety, it also relieves headaches and is recommended for insomnia and excessive nervousness.

        1. It is amazing how everyone thinks of chamomile to relax and sleep and not passion flower which is perhaps the most used plant to fight insomnia thanks to its extraordinary calming and anxiolytic abilities that will favor your night’s rest.

          1. Valerian is also a plant with extraordinary sedative abilities, therefore perfect for promoting sleep but is also useful for those suffering from cramps.

            1. If your head is buzzing and you feel tense and nervous, lavender and thyme are the right combination to relax.

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