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Is it true that ginseng gives a boost of energy, both physical and mental?

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"Is it true that ginseng gives a boost of energy, both physical and mental?"

Research has shown that the active ingredients of ginseng improve both physical and mental vitality, delay the onset of states of exhaustion and increase stamina.

A goldmine of active ingredients

The ginseng root, in fact, is a real mine of active ingredients, including over 13 different ginsenosides (a type of anti-inflammatory, tonic, diuretic and expectorant triterpene saponins, capable of freeing the body from excess mucus) as well as polyphenols , amino acids, mineral salts, vitamin C and group B, precious for supporting both the immune and nervous systems.

According to phytological studies, ginsenosides also counteract infections from pathogenic organisms, in particular mycoses, and have anti-inflammatory, healing, antitumor, diaphoretic, diuretic, and antioxidant properties – it is no coincidence that the botanical name of this extraordinary plant contains the adjective “panax”, from the Greek panákeia, a word composed of pân = everything and akéomai = cure, I heal.

Do red and white ginseng come from two different plants?

No. White and red ginseng both come from the same species, Panax ginseng C.A. Meyer. The plants of the lowlands, usually harvested after four years, are marketed under the name of ‘white ginseng’. The “red ginseng”, on the other hand, is obtained from the finest plants, those six years old that grow at high altitude. Its reddish color is due to the vaporization process it undergoes to preserve it after harvest.

This traditional procedure serves for the natural preservation of the active ingredients. Subsequently, the roots are dried and subjected to further processing to obtain the powder, extract or powder extract. Here, ginseng is mostly consumed in capsules.

The duration of taking a ginseng-based preparation depends on the specific needs of each one. Get advice from your pharmacist.

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        1. According to research by Yonsei University in South Korea, ginseng is also a valid remedy in the treatment of erectile dysfunction, acting both physically and mentally as a powerful aphrodisiac, and increasing fertility.

            1. ginseng is the remedy to be chosen in psychophysical exhaustion, characterized by mental fatigue, loss of vitality and premature aging.

              1. From a nutritional point of view, Panax Ginseng root contains proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals.

                1. The sweet taste is due to the presence of simple sugars, including sucrose, fructose and glucose.

  1. Ginseng has become famous for being a natural tonic, energizer and anti-stress, useful for combating diabetes mellitus but also for preventing senile dementia.

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