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There are some foods that don't have the fame they deserve

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There are some foods that don’t have the fame they deserve: buttermilk definitely falls into this category! This product is obtained with a typical process of dairy production, after having deprived the milk of lipids and casein (the main protein). Extremely low in fat, buttermilk has a very low calorie intake (26 calories per dl).


Despite being low in protein, it is rich in essential amino acids. Some of these help stimulate immunity, while others intervene in the synthesis of glutathione, an antioxidant substance. Among the numerous nutritional “virtues” of buttermilk, we must also remember the low sodium content and the strong presence of basic mineral salts, in particular potassium, a diuretic, and calcium, magnesium and phosphorus, necessary for the maintenance of bone capital.

Calcium and magnesium also participate in the proper functioning of the nervous and cardiovascular systems, while phosphorus is involved in energy metabolism. These basic mineral salts make buttermilk an alkalizing food, which contributes to the prevention or correction of acidosis. Although to a lesser extent than minerals, buttermilk contains various vitamins. The most important in terms of quantity is B2, which is an excellent source of energy.

Who should or shouldn’t use it

The main constituent of buttermilk is lactose, which gives it its essential properties, but which is its only contraindication (it goes without saying that people suffering from severe lactose intolerance must refrain from consuming this food).

Lactose or milk sugar is a precious help in case of chronic or occasional constipation and / or flatulence, because it regenerates and restores the intestinal bacterial flora, gently stimulating transit, with long-lasting effects.

Finally, buttermilk contains lactic acid, which favors the assimilation of all the minerals present in this food, in particular calcium. Purifying, detoxifying, regulating intestinal transit, diuretic, energetic, remineralizing, alkalizing properties.

In conclusion

The list of benefits of buttermilk is long. In its natural state, buttermilk is a whitish liquid, but it is also available in practical and pleasant forms, such as instant granules and sugar-free candies, sweetened with natural flavors.

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  1. It is interesting how this product is almost totally unknown in some countries of Europe and instead very popular in America

        1. Absolutely yes. You can drink it with a pinch of salt and cold from the refrigerator …. delicious and very low in calories

                1. I also do it at home and use fresh cream … just over-whip it for at least 20 minutes until it literally disassembles and then separate the solid (butter) with the liquid (buttermilk).

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