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In some countries fatness affects more than one third of the population

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It has been shown that overweight, far from being a purely aesthetic problem, is an important risk factor for numerous diseases (cardiovascular problems, “fatty” diabetes, some cancers, etc.). In some countries it affects more than one third of the population and is considered responsible for a large percentage of deaths a year.

The reality

Unfortunately, many people who suffer from fatness only worry about it as summer approaches, when the “scales fever” triggers a real epidemic. Unnecessary kilos then become an intolerable burden, which must be disposed of as quickly as possible. Wrongly, because drastic and unbalanced diets represent, in the long run, a threat to health, as much as being overweight. Among the side effects of these diets, often associated with nutritional deficiencies, are chronic fatigue, nervous and mood disorders, weakening of the immune system, premature aging, bone decalcification, etc. To these must be added the slowing of the metabolism, which leads to an increasingly marked tendency to weight gain.

Considering these reasons, it is advisable to adopt a balanced diet, which allows you to gradually find again and stabilize your ideal weight, without losing either tone or good mood.

How to achieve this goal

To achieve this goal, some rules must be followed:


Take a suitable nutritional supplement, such as, for example, cod liver oil, available in capsules. Very rich in natural vitamins A and D, whose intake is insufficient in almost all low-calorie diets, this oil also exists in a multi-vitamin version, for people who have a poorly varied diet and / or poor in raw vegetables and fruit, or for those suffering from lack of energy and / or nervousness.

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    1. Obviously, with the difficulties in accessing a healthy diet, in fact, the consumption of healthy foods increases.

      1. In my opinion, being overweight is a problem that should not be underestimated, especially in children since in the long run it risks causing physical ailments, such as reduced mobility or fatigue of internal organs.

  1. However, a healthy diet does not guarantee sufficient benefit to the body if it is not supported by physical activity

      1. Sport is a fundamental element to prevent overweight and in this sense swimming is one of the most complete activities

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