Exploring the Zone Diet

The Zone Diet

For years now, the Zone has been introduced in many Countries in US, Europe and the World thanks to the interest of a large community ow well being researchers.

This is the extraordinary method that has also guaranteed high level results for US national athletes in athletics and swimming.

Lately there is a lot of talk, often inappropriately. What exactly does this Zone Diet consist of?

Far from being a weight loss diet, the Zone is a sophisticated instrument for the positive conditioning of our hormonal system, therefore, an exceptional way of managing our psycho-physical wellbeing.

Ultimately, we are talking above all about health, not just about sports or body shape and performances. A concept radically different from those we have been accustomed to for decades, both as physically active and non-physically active people.

There are four instruments available, which allow us to aim for maximum well-being:

The first two instruments are those of greatest importance relative to the results.As for the integration it is soon said: 2.5 grams a day of liquid Omega 3 or in capsules quickly resolve the task.

The second point is undoubtedly the one of greater complexity, at least in its more sophisticated version, and therefore requires a slightly more extensive explanation.

As anticipated above, we are trying to achieve the maximum balance between the hormones that condition the functioning of our complex psycho-physical system.For this to be possible, a key hormone needs to be controlled via food: insulin.

The majority of people tend to secrete too much insulin, thus conditioning not only its daily performance and its line but, in the long run, its own health.

In order to overcome these non-negligible drawbacks (in terms of performance and health) it is therefore necessary to modify the conditions that lead to excessive production of insulin:

The Zone, therefore, provides for a caloric restriction and a drastic reduction in the consumption of carbohydrates, especially cereals.

By caloric restriction, however, we do not mean the traditional transitory period of black hunger commonly associated with the concept of diet.

With this concept, universally recognized by medicine as a guarantee of long life, it is meant exclusively that, for each individual, the daily food requirement must be calculated according to its particular needs and that it is harmful to exceed (in terms of calories) what is actually needed.

The second criterion (the reduction of carbohydrates) should be expressed in a more articulated way.

In the Zone not only must be reduced the amounts of carbohydrates that we tend to assume in our “normal” diet (mainly in the form of bread and pasta), but we must ensure, at every meal or snack, a correct balance between the three fundamental components of nutrition: proteins, carbohydrates and fats.

The Zone is frequently synthesized in the formula 40/30/30, in the sense that 40% of the calories of each meal should derive from carbohydrates, 30% from proteins and the same from fats.

It is certainly too synthetic to fully clarify the profound meaning of the hormonal modulation obtainable through food, but it makes the idea sufficiently, at least from the point of view of practical implementation.

To better express the concept in real terms we can say that a meal should consist of:

By making carbohydrates derive mainly from fruits and vegetables, the total consumption of carbohydrates is reduced, (they contain much less grams of sugar compared to bread and pasta with the same weight), although they can take advantage of abundant doses.

Furthermore, fruits and vegetables contain many more micronutrients, (vitamins, mineral salts, etc.), than farinaceous ones, making them healthier.

Exercise contributes to the hormonal control that the Zone look for to achieve, and it contributes greatly to improving performance during exercise.

More and more athletes of all levels, are dedicating themselves to the area having experienced the considerable benefits in terms of performance.

Usually those who practice physical activity assiduously are people who cares about their well-being as well as their image, and for them the Zone is a particularly successful synthesis on everything they try to achieve.

Try to put these four tools together and, within a few weeks, you will experience the maximum expression of your genetic code.

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Tito Rabat

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  1. This does e not sounds like a diet partner for many athletes as they require quite an amount of energy derived from carbohydrates, especially sprinters, and more protein for those involved in weight lifting sports for muscle production.

  2. What is the success rate of this Zone diet, not for athletes but regular workers conscious of their image?

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