Magnetotherapy has proven it’s self as a sound physiatrist treatment used for the cure of several diseases. This therapy is magically curing and notably reducing pain.

There are three experimental methods through which the impulse of magnetic field has interacted to living organisms.

There are mostly 6 fields of action associated with Magnetotherapy in medical sciences

This therapy has gained an enormous amount of popularity among the people. The products involving their mechanisms like magnetic bracelet and anklet, shoe insoles, wrist, knees, and spinal bands, neck and back braces medicated mattress and cushions and seats have immensely increased their annual sales up-to 60 % in the United State of America, Europe, Asia and Africa too. All of them are mainly utilized for curative remedial purposes.

Magnetotherapy has had an influential impact for the medical field. Like, in carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) pain.

Many branches of research had been involved in finding the impact of magnetotherapy in improving the blood pressure and blood flow in the tissues of a human body.

Having said so, in the year of 2008, a systematic review of the electromagnetic theory of therapy was held; and, as a result, it was found that there was no tangible proof of such impact on the relief of pain in patients who benefited from this therapy.

Nevertheless, its impact on today’s culture is way more implemented than it used to be at that time. This therapy is a significant part of the field of physiotherapy with the involvement of scientific theory on the electromagnetic induction.

In this process, the electromagnetic pulses are infused into the tissues of an affected area. These pulses are of particular intensity and frequency that must adequately be selected for proper medical treatment. Little negligence in the selection of both of the parameters may cause serious problem to patient’s health and fitness.

Different devices are now actively used in the field of magnetotherapy. Among them, the Bio-mag device has now gained huge popularity. Different bio-mag applicators are also available in the market with following common magnetic applicator.

Two very important factors to take in consideration when using any of this devices are:

The cells in our body naturally carries a charge. If we have been under stress or in a traumatic condition then these charges could be reduced to a significant level which results in the pain of certain body parts and could be the cause of inflammatory conditions too.

Therefore the Magnetotherapy regenerates the polarities in the cells in an effective way thus creating balance throughout the body’s cells.

The following diseases are cured officiously by magnetotherapy:

An abuse or a too strong magnetic field does not only have a damaging effect on the body superficially but also could lead to long term impact on the internal tissues and enzymes of the body.

Physicians indiscriminately refer the magnetotherapy as there is a very low amount of electromagnetic inductive force involved to heal the disease with ultimate ease.

Therefore, there must be a certain amount of intervals between each of the therapies session to minimize the adverse health issues.

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18 Responses

  1. Who knows how many of us have happened to have a prescription or to receive advice on therapy with magnets. I wondered though. But is this therapy true? It helps?

    1. Magnetotherapy would be the medical practice that claims to use magnetic energy to treat various diseases, especially those related to pain and bone and joint problems. Exposing people to magnetic fields (at low or high frequency, and with very variable intensity, from 100 to 10,000 Gauss), would improve the state of health and reduce pain.

      1. I would like to hear the opinion of people who really did it and can describe the benefits. What the scholars describe to me always seems to read more marketing articles than reports of true health.

        1. I understand the skepticism of some of you but we must consider that the use of magnets for medical purposes is very ancient and that therefore there will also be a reason if it is still used today in the medical field

          1. in practice it is so widespread that it is not difficult to find magnetotherapy machines in many centers (especially health centers, wellness centers or sports centers), with treatments that often involve several cycles (with various but not low costs) and frequently also offer these machines for home use.

            1. The effects on the health of magnetic fields were intensively studied when the first diagnostic machines that exploit this energy developed (magnetic resonance, for example)

                1. First of all it is essential to make sure that it is a medical device with its CE certificate issued by the authority authorized by the Ministry of Health.

  2. Actually according to my google search magnetotherapy is one of the physical therapies with the least number of contraindications, as is also evidenced by the numerous clinical studies performed on pulsed electromagnetic fields.

    1. And it should also be noted that most contraindications are indicated as a precaution by manufacturers that tend to protect themselves to avoid potential risks.

      1. The most important concept is that there is no device that can satisfy everyone and all their needs simultaneously; magnetotherapy better than all the others.

        1. There are dozens of devices on the market produced by various manufacturers. Each manufacturer brings to the market its philosophy and characteristics according to him “unique” compared to all others.

              1. Somehow these manufacturers rely on marketing strategists to be able to sell their products.

                1. Sometimes those great marketing wizards even invent words or characteristics that leave a bit of perplexity for the reader.

                2. So, before choosing the brand, the technical characteristics and the parameters, the most important thing is first to consider:Your doctor’s opinion regarding your pathology and / or physical condition. The spending budget you have available. Your current health status. Your lifestyle. Your medical history.

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