Supplements Best Practices

Supplements Best Practices

We have already had occasions to talk about the possible risks associated with the use of rough supplements and the fact that, introduced with food, some nutrients have a protective effect against health that cannot be obtained by taking them in the form of food supplements.

But what are the basic rules to follow when taking a supplement to ensure not only effectiveness but also safe use? To list them is Harvey Simon, director of the Harvard Men’s Health Watch.

taking supplements best practices
taking supplements best practices 2

It is often difficult to combine serious scientific results with the simple, encouraging promise of well-marketed vitamins and supplements.

In other words, it is not certain that a supplement will keep its promises, thanks to the fact that the laws do not provide that the producer must give proof of the fact that the benefits shown on the package are real. For this Simon emphasizes that:

Consumers should always keep an eye on news concerning new studies. The indications will change as new scientific studies appear. Unfortunately, in many cases the new research has not confirmed our hopes, even if there are exceptions.

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To avoid throwing money into the wind or, even worse, putting his health at risk, Simon has indicated four rules for the safe use of supplements:

If it sounds too good to be true, the promised effect is often not real.

Especially when it comes to celebrities. Likewise, the fact that a supplement is recommended to you by a relative or a friend who is not paid by the manufacturer to advertise does not guarantee the effectiveness or safety of the supplement.

In fact, experience shows that even the most harmless supplement in the world can have unsuspected negative effects.

Such as “completely natural”, “rich in antioxidants”, “clinically proven”, “anti-aging”.

For peace of mind, it is always better to ask your doctor for advice and keep him informed about the supplements you are taking, especially to avoid possible interactions with some drugs.

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11 Responses

  1. Limit the most important carbohydrates. In particular pasta. Do not eat more than 90g a day, not more than once a day and no more than 2-3 times a week! Forget the bread and potatoes because they are rich in starch.

    1. Therefore, to lose weight it is sufficient to eat less than what is consumed, nothing simpler;)

      1. The question that arises spontaneously is this: do natural fat burning supplements really work?

        1. Certainly not alone: don’t expect to lose 10 pounds in 2 months, spending whole afternoons on the couch

          1. There are many types of food supplements on the market aimed at losing weight and finding your way around can be really difficult. A first important recommendation: do not rely on “hearsay” advice and absolutely do not use unidentified “miracle” drugs, which can have extremely dangerous side effects for your health.

            1. Weight loss supplements are divided into three categories. ABSORPTION LIMITERS: The action of these supplements is aimed at “capturing” and incorporating part of the fats and carbohydrates ingested, making them unavailable for assimilation. Generally they act in the intestine, taken with water they form a gel that captures excess ingested fats and helps to eliminate them. This type of supplements are a valid aid for those who have not yet managed to completely modify the diet, or to run for cover after some extravagance or lavish lunch.METABOLISM STIMULANTS: This category of supplements promotes weight loss as it activates the mechanisms that help increase the so-called basal metabolism, that is the calories needed by our body to function at its best in a state of rest, burning excess fats as a result. They are recommended for all those who follow an adequate diet and regularly practice a bit of physical activity, but are stalled with weight loss. FULLNESS INDUCTORS: If the problem is the so-called “nervous hunger” or the never being able to feel full even after taking large quantities of food, this type of supplement can help effectively. They act on the nervous receptors of hunger through special substances that cause the body to feel that they have eaten enough, avoiding the excesses of bingeing without limits.

              1. My personal advice since it worked well for me: there is no need to completely change your eating habits by implementing starvation diets, which would be more harmful than anything else, both for your mood and for your physical health. Some small attention in your usual diet is sufficient, limiting both the quantity of food and eliminating junk food, and doing some physical activity. With the help of the most suitable supplement you will regain your weight and the results will be surprising.

                1. Have you ever heard of fat burning to lose weight as quickly and then effectively as possible?

                2. If there is not a radical change of life, if there is no desire to work on oneself with a healthy and moving lifestyle, no type of fat burner will be able to change our life alone.

    1. The Phenq is perhaps the most famous among all those that are natural supplements that are on the market. This type of product is able to resolve hunger pangs and then give great energy to those who take it.

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