Proper Nutrition = Healthy Living

Proper Nutrition = Healthy Living

We all know that nutrition is very important to everyone. Whether you want to build a body or not, we know that nutrition plays a key role in our health.

That is why we have to seriously watch what we eat. If we want to live a completely healthy life without health problems, we need to make sure that our diet is taken very seriously. This is still true for those who want to build their bodies. Below, we will check out some vital nutrition tips for a healthy living.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day because it gives you the energy to stay active during the day. Your breakfast should be healthy with fresh fruit that will help you feel full before lunch.

Since carbohydrates provide up to 50% of the energy source, carbohydrates certainly need to be at the top of the nutrition plan list. The more an active person, the body uses more carbohydrates. Including enough carbohydrates in your diet helps with your performance and strength.

Like carbohydrates, healthy fat is also a good source of energy. Although fat is usually used only after an hour of performance, enough healthy fat should be included in your diet. Lack of fat consumption can affect your body’s activity.

Once carbohydrates and healthy fats are used, the body will look for proteins as an alternative source of energy. When an extra protein is consumed, the body stores it as fat and uses it when energy is needed.

Although we are trying to eat properly and give our bodies everything they need to stay healthy, most of us still do not get enough vitamins and minerals. By learning which foods need to be incorporated, you can get a daily intake of vitamins and minerals that are missing in your daily life. It is also a good idea to take vitamin and mineral supplements to make sure you get what you need.

As most people know, water is indispensable for life. Being well hydrated is crucial for all human beings. Even small dehydration can be very dangerous when you are active. Water is needed to regulate body temperature and protect your health.

If you’re looking at calories or maintaining an ideal weight, then a glass of water before each meal will help you avoid eating excess food. However, it is also important not to drink plenty of water, as it may dilute the juice in the stomach needed for proper digestion.


Good nutrition means eating the right foods and eating proper nutritional supplements that will give your body the necessary energy. A healthy diet should be put in place to make sure your health is in good shape at all times. A well-balanced diet also helps you to prevent the risk of diseases such as heart disease, stroke, and diabetes.

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Sarah O'Connor

Sarah O'Connor

Sarah is part of the Team ELC and she helps people discover what makes their life happy, meaningful, and full of ease. She is a writer, meditator and loves painting, an art she happily gets to practice a lot in her spare time.

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  1. I’m a big lover of Southern Fried chicken, and avocados. i will try and incorporate more food groups within my meals on my new found health journey

  2. I always skip breakfast I just don’t have the time to eat, what do you think I can do to break out of this bad habit? It’s not that I wake up late it’s just that by the time I get the kids ready I forget I was hungry

  3. Sometimes I consume so much protein without carbohydrates, do you believe this is unhealthy? I love meat and veggies

  4. As a gym instructor I can’t agree with you more when I tell my clients snacks are not healthy, you need a balanced diet that is the reason I prepare a meal outline along with a super routine for each client

  5. I try to drink water before every meal, but now I realise I really should try my best to do that. It is extremely important.

  6. Even though it is true that a healthy diet does wonders for the human body, there is always the fact that eating healthy or nutritious in this cause, costs a lot of money, and it will deter people who dont have such funds to go and eat the junk/fast food that is cheaper, which really doesnt make any sense. My main problem is that why is it so easy and cheap to get junk food but costs an arm and a leg to maintain your health through nutritious dieting

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