Sitting too much is not a good habit for you

sitting too much is not going to be good for youIf sitting too much is something that affects you, and if you do it everyday for too long, you might want to consider reviewing the way you live your everyday life or work. Even more so if you are sitting with the wrong posture. This will negatively affect your overall health in many different ways.

Did you know that some experts even feel that sitting too much can shorten your lifespan? You might says…how can that just happen because of sitting? Well by simply sitting too much, you are at a high risk of heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, and obesity. It is important that you know these facts. 

One of the major causes of death around the world is cardiovascular disease. People who are sitting all day are more prone to getting all sort of cardiovascular disease.
A lot of studies have been conducted to confirm what many people already know: sitting all day can affect your cardiovascular system. This is due to the fact that sitting for a prolonged period will wear out your muscles and decrease your blood circulation.

This low blood circulation leads to poor health and eventually could be the trigger for a cardiac arrest.

One of the major problems of sitting all day is the development of neck pain and stiff neck. Neck pain and stiff neck will cause quite a lot of trouble and in some serious cases, also a permanent damage to your nerves. Eventually this will also result to loss of sleep, fatigue and it might be the spark to ignite depression.

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The best way to avoid having such problems is to improve your posture. Learn how to sit properly in order to prevent neck pain and other problems, but above all try to have a mix of work both seating and standing (yes you can do office work standing  in a tall desk rather than sitting all day at your normal desk).

You must also practice exercises in order to keep your spine straight. Proper spinal alignment will help maintain good blood circulation. Without proper blood flow all muscles will start to relax. This will eventually lead to serious muscle and ligament injuries.

Another problem related to sitting too much is repetitive stress injury. Your whole body will be subject to strain due to prolonged sitting. Muscles become stiff and tight. When this happens you will have difficulty in getting rid of the excess tension. Eventually this will lead to pain and injury. The good news is that standing up can alleviate this problem.

There are some very serious side effects associated with sitting too much. You could start to develop carpal tunnel syndrome. This condition will progress into the carpal tunnel, which will make it very difficult to use your hands and forearms. The ultimate outcome will be severe chronic pain.

In a recent medical study on over 900 patients suffering from chronic lower back pain worsened by sedentary lifestyle, those who sit for more hours than others in their work place showed to suffer more problems. Not only did those that sat for longer hours have more problems than those that were more active, but those that sat for prolonged time also showed greater deterioration of their overall health.

Other studies have proven that people that sit too long have higher chances of developing heart disease. They have also been linked to a higher occurrence of strokes as well as diabetes. 

If you sit all day or for an extended period, it will definitely cause you to have a sedentary lifestyle. You need to be active during the day to improve your blood flow and strengthen your muscles. Sitting all day will increase your chance of developing poor circulation, increased risk of blood clots, and decreased muscle strength.

As you age, sitting will reduce the amount of elasticity in your muscles. It will also cause your body to produce less natural lubrication, causing a reduction in comfort and a feeling of tiredness.

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  1. My mom always told me: That slouched and sprawled pose with which you spend hours and hours in front of the computer, or on the television, is not good for you at all.

  2. An interesting and troubling article published in the Washington Post and written by movement education specialist Ellen Barlow highlights how sitting can have serious health consequences.

  3. Also, sitting for a long time can cause your blood pressure and cholesterol to go up.

  4. We spend most of our life stationary and sitting in front of a screen and behind the wheel without knowing what happens to our body.

  5. For those of us who lean forward with our backs when sitting, we apply unnatural pressure to the discs of the vertebrae of our spine, irritating the nerve roots and subsequently the nerves that branch out from there.

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