Weight Monitoring and Activity

Body weight

Our body weight represents the tangible expression of the “energy balance” between calorie intake and expenditure.

Energy is introduced with food and is used by the body both during rest (to keep its organs, such as the brain, lungs, heart, etc.) functioning, and during physical activity (to make the muscles work).

If more energy is introduced than is consumed, the excess accumulates in the body in the form of fat, causing an increase in weight beyond the norm, both in the adult and in the child. If instead we introduce less energy than we consume, the body uses its fat reserves to meet energy demands.

Body composition

On average, an adult man’s body weight is 80-85% lean (body fluids, muscles, skeleton, viscera, etc.) and 15-20% fat (adipose tissue). In adult women the percentage of fat mass is 20-30%. Children, compared to adults, have a higher percentage of water and a lower percentage of fat (mainly subcutaneous).

Everyone has his metabolism

In metabolism the individual variability is such that the use of energy changes significantly between one person and another. That is, while introducing the same amount of energy with the diet and having a similar lifestyle, a person can tend to gain more weight than another. This is due to many hormonal and non-hormonal factors, but weight gain (fat) is only the result of an excess of energy introduced compared to real needs. Those who know they belong to this category of people must therefore pay much more attention to nutrition and perform more physical activity.

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    1. A person’s metabolism can be slow or fast depending on the lifestyle one suits, the type of diet that follows, the age of an individual and sex.

      1. A person with a fast metabolism does not struggle to lose weight because it can easily burn the fats and calories introduced daily. On the contrary, a person with slow metabolism is more fatigued, as if his metabolism was “asleep”.

        1. Probably, a person with a fast metabolism is a person with a dynamic lifestyle, who practices sports, who follows a correct diet, who does not skip meals and who eats at least 5 times a day.

          1. However, as far as I know, whatever age you are and regardless of your gender you can change your metabolism!

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