Nutrition for the menopausal women

In menopause the demand for energy and specific nutrients - following the hormonal changes characteristic of this period - changes significantly

The term “menopause” means the moment of definitive cessation of women’s menstrual flows (50.5 years on average), and therefore the end of the fertile period. The female climacteric, on the other hand, represents that very delicate phase of the life cycle of women, generally between 45 and 55 years of age, that precedes and follows menopause. The increase in life expectancy that has occurred in recent years means that today a an increasing number of women spend many years (about 30, almost a third of life) in post-menopausal conditions: this consideration gives an idea of the attention that must be paid to the behavior to be taken at this stage of life. The climacteric and menopause are characterized by profound disturbances of the hormonal and metabolic balance, ranging from well-known annoying disorders of the subjective sphere up to real pathological manifestations that can significantly worsen the quality of life of the woman.

The lack of estrogen leads, among other things, to a lower protection of the heart and vessels against atherosclerosis and thrombosis, an easier loss of calcium by the bone tissue, a significant decrease in energy needs (for reduction basal metabolic rate, increased sedentary lifestyle and other reasons) and, often, mood disorders with anxious and / or depressive phenomena. On the other hand, the cessation of menstrual flows has the advantage of significantly reducing iron needs.

Overall, this situation frequently leads to weight gain and a different distribution of fat in the body: the latter, which before it was mainly peripheral (gynoid), gradually becoming central or abdominal (android), considered most at risk for breast cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, etc. Hormone replacement therapy is able to cancel or at least minimize the negative effects of the hormone deficiency typical of post-menopause, including osteoporosis. However, prolonged use of estrogen-progestagen in menopause can lead to side effects. A correct and physiologically balanced diet can effectively contribute to mitigating the ailments in this delicate phase of life. However, it must be taken into account that:

In general, the nutrition of the healthy menopause woman must follow the diet of a healthy adult woman, except for some corrections related to age and the particular hormonal condition. Otherwise the same dietetic recommendations suggested to other healthy peers ( whether men or women) apply, with particular regard to the consumption of cereals and derivatives, fish and lean meats, fruit fresh and vegetables, partially skim milk, extra virgin olive oil to be preferred, and also – albeit with some limitations related to their content in saturated fatty acids – cheeses and dairy products. In menopause there is no reason, unless there are specific contraindications, to prohibit wine, with the only recommendation to drink it only with meals and in the maximum quantities indicated for the specific age group.

In Conclusion – How to behave:

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  1. The increase in body weight, which occurs to varying degrees in all menopausal women, represents a problem in more than 50% of women over 50.

        1. Weight gain in menopause can also be attributed to increased sedentary lifestyle.

          1. There is to consider the condition of physical activity or depressive phenomena that increase laziness and cause the person to gain weight.

                1. The two most evident aspects of changes in the body of menopausal women are weight gain and the accumulation of fat on the abdomen or waistline.

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