Subtle Energy – Part 3

Subtle Energy - Part 3

The electromagnetic radiations of the sun, the moon, the planets and constellations come from the cosmos and planet earth too emanates electromagnetic energy and natural radioactivity. 

This energy has many names from the oldest; Ch’i, Prana, Numina at the current Breath, Divine Matrix, Reich’s orgone energy, it is constantly changing following a law of cyclicity that remains constant.

We too are made up of a thickened form of energy and this immaterial reality of ours is so much more true than physical reality; the diseases, before they manifest on a physical level, manifest themselves at the energetic level in our “subtle body”, that is, in the energetic sphere that wraps our physical body in an invisible way.

We can take the example of cure with Pranotherapy, with the vibrational power of certain plants, of the crystals, the colors, the music up to the matriarchal care that has been linked to the vibrational power of the waters, (sacred wells, the baptismal rite, Lourdes), one of the most powerful treatments since our body is made with 75% of water.

The place where we live, the office, the house, the garden, with its energetic quality, acts on our subtle body and in this sense conditions our life. Citing ancient knowledge; there are healing places, (high energy places or places of power that give this energy to people), and places of illness.

Health is therefore the expression of a harmony that must exist between the microcosm, the man, and the macrocosm that surrounds it. How then can we know the vibrational level of a place, of a house in a garden to evaluate its quality?

Good Energies

One of the best systems of natural radiation detection emitted by things is the fingertips. We should exercise the perception to hear for ex. the difference in irradiation of a growing organism (a plant) and a non-living organism (a stone) or between the different parts of the plant, such as the leaf, the bud, the flower.

The bud, in particular, is the most vibrant part and it is possible, with a little training, to place the fingertips a few millimeters away from it and to feel a tingling like an electric spring. Even the palms of the hands are excellent sensory recorders.

With a little patience we can also distinguish the different color radiations irradiated by colored sheets (preferably in glossy paper) and the fingertips can associate them with different colors.

We are also helped by a very ancient discipline, Radioestesia, which is simply the ability to make visible the reactions that our body naturally has to face variations in the energy field in which we find ourselves. It is an automatic and involuntary reaction.

Radius-anesthesia by Radius (radius) is to make these involuntary reactions visible, with a little training, by amplifying them with mechanical means: the divining fork, the pendulum, the parallel rods, a simple stick, the Lecher antenna, the biotester.

Energy fields around us

For example, we have all heard of dowsers who perceive the presence of water even at many meters of depth with a simple fork made of wood. The muscular reaction given by the passage on the water table creates an energetic change and causes the fork to flex.

The Chinese use a simple rod, the Etruscan haruspices and the Egyptian Pharaohs used a curved staff (the Lituo) which is now the pastoral care of our bishops. The two most used instruments, however, are the pendulum used with the Bovis scale (biometer) and the L-shaped rods useful for tracing the Hartmann grid and underground faults.

The Bovis biometer can be defined as a kind of ruler with a graduated scale in which the pendulum determines the intensity of the energy flow of the place.

The ideal average human radiation is 6,500 units such as clean water or uncontaminated earth, under this measure the place presents pathologies because it discharges the human being, on the other hand the place reloads energetically. There are the high energies of the sanctuaries, where incubation rituals were performed (sleeping and healing) and ancient monuments such as the “Tombe dei Giganti in Sardinia”, monuments of the Nuragic civilization, where today, after about 3,000 years, some researchers have succeeded in redoing healings.

The ancient populations, from the Chinese to the Egyptians, from the Celts to the Romans, considered the Earth as a living organism and were aware of the importance of the place where houses, cities or temples would have been erected. The Chinese had developed a science that studied the interactions between man and his planet and, in particular, analyzed the place in which one had to live.

At the beginning of the twentieth century, modern science has reconsidered these ancient knowledge in the light of current scientific discoveries, giving life to Geobiology.

Among the founders of this discipline, there is Dr. Ernst Hartmann, a scholar of the University of Heildelberg, who has contributed with thousands of clinical observations and experiments at the birth of this new subject. Through his observations, he found that a very high percentage of diseases depend on where their home or workplace is located.

This is the end of part three of our mini-series on energy and vibrations. In part 4 next week we will explore an important topic: the “Hartman Grid“.

The whole earth’s surface is crossed by a magnetic grid called Hartmann’s Grid by the German physician who discovered them.

See you next week.

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Franco Nero
Franco Nero

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  1. Subtle energy seem to be extremely important to not only human, but to Earth as well as it helps both to live in a a symbiotic relationship. I only hope most humans realised this and stop trying to kill the planet.

    1. Is it possible for me to request an article on the topic of Prantotheraphy? I will still carry out research of my own I just find your blog articles really interesting and would love an article to share with family and friends. Many thanks in advance

      1. I once touched glossy paper, it was very colourful and felt a current like running through it I found it extremely creepy and never said anything to anyone because of how weird it felt. This article made me feel a whole lot better I can say for sure

        1. I simply can wait for you to write an article on Radioetesia, since reading your article and coming up on the terminology I have been doing a little research and it sounds quite intriguing.

          1. I agree with Dr Hartmann, the Earth is indeed a living being which both gives and takes from its inhabitants on a day to day cycle. This is one of the reasons it has it one characteristic on different locations and suffers greatly when it is been exploited and polluted.

            1. The ancients learned to live in harmony with nature as they only took what they needed for their survival and would ask for guidance and protection, which involved the healing process. However, as men developed technology on a rapid base the generation moved away from taking what they need to what they want. This is one of the many factors which caused the influx of various illness caused by the corruption of the network to be treated incorrectly.

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