Subtle Energy – [Part 4]

he whole earth's surface is crossed by a magnetic grid called Hartmann's Grid by the German physician who discovered them.

The whole earth’s surface is crossed by a magnetic grid called Hartmann’s Grid by the German physician who discovered them.

A grid that follows the trend of the cardinal points and has a mesh of about 2.50 x 2 meters where the intersecting bands have knots.
These points of strong electromagnetism under certain conditions: water underground congestion, presence of faults or anomalies of the earth’s crust, become dangerous to humans.

In ancient times this grid was well known and the Menhirs, the betyls were often used to drain these forces a bit like acupuncture in the human body. Thus, large spaces free of telluric interference were obtained.

Or in the underground presence of pure waters as catalysts of beneficial energy for curative and procreative purposes.

The interference of these forces can prove to be harmful for plants and animals, but above all for humans. This can cause symptoms ranging from insomnia to headaches, to the most serious heart and degenerative diseases.

In his own home, at work, in his own bed (where he spends a third of his life), man is often the unconscious victim of these forces, which cause an alteration of the body’s regulation systems.

Trees grown on geopathogenic nodes show conspicuous trunk tumors or strange twisting. The tumors that arise in the Platani grown on a disrupted knot are quite impressive, it is not difficult to see them along the avenues of our cities.

Hartmann's Grid

The hypothesis that the Hartmann Network has been the protagonist of the sacred architecture of Antiquity and of the Middle Ages has come from different sides, in the sense that the original projects of many Gothic cathedrals scattered throughout Europe may have taken into account the geomagnetic network.

This projects were made in such a way as to construct the most important points of these cathedrals within the bands of ideal microclimate, where it was possible to benefit positively from the cosmic energies that flow from the earth’s subsoil (we will discuss it in a subsequent article) and in such a way as to create those spaces where it was possible to raise the spirit of human beings upwards.

The bands or “invisible walls”, forming this ubiquitous diagonal network, have a width of 21 cm and follow the geomagnetic directions of the earth, covering it from North to South and from East to West.

The size of the rectangles depends on the following factors:

Within these lines

there is a "neutral zone" or otherwise defined as an "ideal microclimate".

Studies performed on the variations of the Earth’s magnetic field, have allowed us to verify that the magnetic field inside the neutral zone, differs significantly from that measured on one of the “invisible walls”, and even more, at the crossroads or “knots” “, ie at the intersection of the north-south and east-west lines.

It seems that the H Network is of magnetic origin despite not having magnetic characteristics: the means by which the Earth exchanges energy with the Universe, a bit like our chakras. Certainly its importance must be fundamental for the life of our planet, being the Network H, extended to the whole Earth and generating an energy so intense. At one time, human beings had the innate ability to detect these negativity. Abilities that still have the animals, then lost to us for the benefit of rationality.

On next week we will continue our mini series by introducing you to Schumann’s Resonance Fields.¬† Here is an excerpt:

Around the end of the nineteenth century the genius of Tesla formulated a theory that, taken from Schumann’s research in the 1950s, was confirmed as a reality. The “cavity” between the Ionosphere and the Earth contains a pulsating magnetic field where electromagnetic waves propagate as “waves on a spring”, a space that reflects low-frequency electromagnetic radiation as well as a mirror reflects light.

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  1. One of the best explanation for the difference in the growth rate of trees in the city and how disfigured they look compared to the one in a country area with less pollution.

  2. I strongly agree that human activities are shown to provide great impact o the Hartmann network, this is evidence is cemented is the Geobiologist research I read yesterday showing that the increase in artificial contaminants can ripe through the good energy produce by the live network surrounding the planet.

  3. Dr Curry is yet another Physician who agrees with the research done by Dr Hartmann, however he put his decisions based on the lunar cycle instead of the radiation emitting from the centre of the Earth according to Dr Hartmann. The common ground however, is the existence of the network field around the earth and how human daily interaction affects the Earth.

  4. Dr Hartmann describes in his book that human beings going across a network crossing or even a single line with geographical disturbances can cause an increase in not only in insomnia faced by the individual but in anxiety, trembling and even cramps.

  5. Hartmann Network or Hartmann Grid is known to vary alot through its measurement along the different cardinal points such as the North-South and East-West points based on the different geographical locations.

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