Subtle Energy – Part 6 – Ley Lines

the ley lines

Huge ley Lines cross Europe, like the line of the Archangel Michael from S. Michel Moint in Cornwall, touches Mont Saint Michel in France, the Sacra di San Michele in the valley of Susa, the Pugliese sanctuary of Monte S. Angelo, that of the island of Simi to end in the Sinai.

Literally straight tracks, they constitute a network of tracks that join high energy places that are also hundreds of kilometers away. Alfred Watkins and William Lewis discovered some lines, the most important ones join Carnac in France, with Karnak in Egypt passing through the center of Lyon and the Imperial Forums in Rome. Also important is the one that unites Mont Saint Michel in Normandy with Monte Sant’Angelo in Puglia passing through the Sacra di san Michele in Piedmont.

The “Ley lines” (prairie lines), are real straight lines, about two meters wide and equidistant from each other, which would cover the entire surface of the earth, crossing each other to form a network as theorized by Alfred Watkins at the end of the last century. In places where Ley Lines intersect, ancient temples and pagan funeral monuments would rise. Underneath them would often flow underground water or there would be strands of metallic minerals. According to some Russian scholars, the Ley Lines would constitute a grid of energy on which the very structure of the Earth would be based.

The energy of the ley lines is constituted by energetic rivers (like the currents in the sea) of pure and powerful subtle energy that cross the ether in one direction and it is always that; these flows energize us, activate the chakras and can constitute for us human beings a remarkable source of healing.

The ley lines can also get “dirty” during their journey and bring down the thin congestion they encounter on their way.
It has been said above that a ley line is an energetic flow with a direction like a river.
If a ley line meets a factory, a power plant, a cemetery, a landfill, a radioactive field, it will be affected and the flow will be carring the newly acquired congestion. So for instance, if a new built house is located downstream of the energy flow of the line , this building will experience the congestion that the line has “met” on its progress.

If the intensity of the ley line is high, it will then be able to “self-clean” from congestion.

In this regard there are two types of visions about having a house positioned on a ley line: one of them says that it is better not to live there and sleep on it because its energy, although beneficial for us, is too intense. The other view is opposite and that is to say that if you live in a house crossed by a ley line, you live better.

A very important thing to say is that in a house crossed by a ley line, if the line does not carry congestion as often happens, any kind of geopathogenic interference is absent; this is relegated to the edges of the ley line itself, the geopathic nodes and other interferences are “moved” to the sides of the ley line from its flow.

There is also to say that with the current development of Western civilizations, any ley line meets in its path necessarily congested sites and therefore, unlike a past when technological pollutants did not exist, a ley line necessarily leads to some congestion.

The ley lines can no longer be cleaned as they once did when there were neither factories, nor power plants of any kind, nor other congested sites, but the most powerful remain highly energetic, such as those on which cathedrals are built, many other churches and even places of importance and power.

The vast majority of Gothic cathedrals and even churches that were built before that period are built on one or a ley line intersection.

Even many minor churches in both the city and the countryside often have a ley line running through them, perhaps less intense than the ley line of cathedrals.

There is also to say that in the construction of the sacred places of worship, other characteristics like the subterranean flows of water were taken into consideration, but in this article we will examine only the ley lines.

Why was it so important to build sanctuaries in places crossed by more or less powerful ley lines?

The reasons are mainly two:

  1. the first is that a stream of subtle energy so powerful is able to “clean up” the church environment from all the pain and suffering that has been brought to it by the faithful over the centuries.

    It is for this reason that in a church it is very difficult to perceive heavy energy, on the contrary, generally one feels a sensation of lightness and peace.

  2. The other reason is that staying on a ley line, encourages meditation, transcendence. Staying daily on a ley line, also promotes physical psycho healing; seeing is believing

Subtle energies that affect our energy body come not only from the subsoil; there are “vectors” or “energy winds” that we can benefit of and those “flow” above the surface of the earth.

One of these is the NORTH-EAST VECTOR which we are going to talk about in our Monday episode next week. Below is and excerpt from the article:

The North East Vector is an “energetic wind” we say light, when compared to the ley line, but still influential for our subtle energy. The word “vector” comes from the fact that this wind is a “carrier” and that is “dragged behind” the subtle energies that it encounters on its path for a stretch of about a few tens of meters but this measure is only indicative, it could be superior and variable depending on other subtle factors that can only be determined on site.

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  1. From the Aztec, to Incas and Asian many of the ancient people who practices meditation along the Ley Lines either within or beneath water describes it as a cleansing process where the noted “chakra” points are opened up and the negative influence is washed away and inviting positive within the body. Even with a sacrificial alter it was common to be placed on one of the points of the Ley lines o carry the “curses” along to be cleansed and return to the earth as pure energy. The ley line is seen as a cycle of giving and taking from the Earth and nature surrounding it.

  2. Ley line were considered extremely important in ancient times as they are believe to posses the ability to cleanse and heal both the earth and the creatures living within it. This was know as the apex of clean energy as such many of the medieval churches and prayer alters where located on these lines to carry out the constant cycle of cleaning the impure energies brought and released by the worshipers.

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